Step 5: Cutting the pieces.

Using the cut list, measure out the lengths of material needed for the bone structure.

We're going to start with a 1" arm section.

Clamp your material down in a vice, Using the rotary tool, carefully cut off the section of dowel. Its always better to cut a little extra and sand down to size than it is to cut too short and have to re-cut a piece.

Follow this procedure for the rest of the pieces. I found while trying to cut the 1/2" x 1/2" basswood, that the rotary tool would not allow me to make the cuts so I had to pull out a hand saw to finish the job.

It also might be a good idea to label your pieces with a permanent marker in case you need to leave the project and come back at a later time.
Neat! Going to try now, though ove seen a few others with multiple twisted wires so that they last longer, I think I will incorporate that.
<p>dude, if your having inventors block, you should know that originality is not necessity and you must recognize the need to stand on the shoulders of the great makers before you </p>
Just read your description, never mind. Sorry. :/
It's been a couple years, where's the other parts? Other than that it's a cool ible.
Awesome! I'm making a little movie with my friends, and there's a scene that will involve a stop-motion cat monster. I'll post the link in the comments when I'm done! this instructable was really helpful!
Wonderful instructable, this is very helpful, thanks for creating this tutorial. Can't wait to read the other parts.
Cool! I really hope the other three parts will be on the site soon! P.S. 5/5 stars and added to favorites!
This is really cool. I'm excited to see the other 3 parts!
Most of the stop-motion armatures I've seen have used multiple strands of wire because a single wire has a shorter life/fewer bends before it breaks.
Yay! I can't wait to see the other parts to this. Very neat. :)
Great job, the photos are <em>great</em>! I hope to see more from you!<br/>

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