Stop Telemarketers From Calling You





Introduction: Stop Telemarketers From Calling You

With this simple trick, telemarketers will think your phone is disconnected and will (hopefully) stop calling you. We seem to have had success with this so far, so go ahead and try it! All you will need is a computer with speakers (preferably near your phone).

Step 1: Get the "Phone Disconnected" Message

Go to this link. Find the "Disconnected number" sound (.wav file) and save it to your desktop. If you need help with either of these, see the pictures.

Step 2: When a Telemarketer Calls...

Now, you need to wait for a telemarketer (or someone else you don't want to hear from anymore) to call you. When they do, get ready to act. This is what you need to do:

1. Make sure everyone and everything in the room is quiet.
2. Make sure your computer is not playing any audio. This does NOT mean that you should mute or turn down your speakers, you will need to use them.
3. Double-click the file on your desktop. While it is loading, go ahead and answer the phone.
4. When the file starts playing, hold the phone up to the computer's speakers. Set the audio to loop or repeat. That way, you will not need to click play every time.
5. While you are doing this, listen to the phone.
6. When you hear loud, obnoxious beeping, the caller has hung up. You can hang up the phone and close the media player.

At this point, the caller probably thinks your phone line is disconnected. They should eventually remove you from their list and stop calling you. That's a simple way to stop sales calls. If this works for you, be sure to tell everyone in the comments, and thanks for reading this.



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    This is a great idea and very clever! It doesn't quite get at the root problem, however...

    The National Do-Not-Call Registry was a good start and 90+
    percent of legitimate companies respect and use it. The remaining scum
    telemarketers will keep changing tactics and dancing around the DNCR and will only
    ever respond to what hurts their bottom line. My solution requires a bit of
    time and effort, but then, so does sex… These tactics may not be as satisfying
    as sex, but they ARE great fun and have the added bonus of helping to fix one
    of life’s perpetual annoyances:

    • 1)ALWAYS answer the phone – if we are running
      away, the “terrorists” win. ALWAYS “press1” to talk to an Operator.
    • 2)When you get an actual person, express reluctant
      interest in whatever product or service is being hawked. Talk slowly and ask
      lots of questions. Always give phony personal info like CC#, SS#, address, heck
      even change your name slightly. Keep them on the line as long as possible.
    • 3)Try to get as much info about the company as
      possible and file a BBB complaint if you can (“Unethical Sales Practices”). A
      national energy company recently revamped their entire telemarketing policies
      in regard to the DNCR in response to a BBB complaint I filed – this CAN work.
    • 4)If the product involves your home, set up an
      appointment for a time that you are not home, or just don’t answer the door.
      This can cost a company a LOT of money and resources.

    Remember, the goal is to cost these companies time, money,
    and maybe more importantly, to make it impossible for them to know if they are
    talking to a sucker, or just another Phone Punker. Be creative, have fun, and
    feel proud that YOU are helping to eliminate one of life’s many intractable and
    seemingly un-fixable problems.

    on second thought it might not work for females to hit on the telemarketer but it works great when i do it and im a male

    As a former telemarketer (please don't say any thing, I needed the money and have already taken enough abuse for it), I can say that if you do it right it will work 100% of the time. Most of the time they are only half paying attention until a voice comes on. The second a disconnected starts most will terminate the call and move on to the other few hundred calls they have to do.

    ....hang up on them in mid-sentence.... ....ask them for their home phone number so you can return their call while they are trying to eat dinner..... .....start speaking a different language....swear at them in German or something until they hang up..... ....just start asking them random questions about themselves..... ....go on a rant while explaining something that happened that day..... ....try and get them to give you relationship advice.....

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    also if they are trying to sell u somthing then try to sell them somthing

    I did this just the other day..told the Dude that I had a big sale going and wanted to get him in on the deal!  He finally said that this was a marketing business & I said so is mine that I wanted to sell him something or anyone else at his work place.......on & on...not giving up until he begged to remove my number from their list..I also asked for his home phone to call him when he got off!  got pretty funny before I let him loose!!

     say no to everything they ask, almost couldn't stop laughing when they hung up,

    him:can i ask some questions?
    me :no
    him:it's just a few questions...
    me :no
    him:that wasn't a question
    me :no

    Act like you have worked at their company, then ask them how it has changed and carry on a VERY long conversation till they give up and try to get away!

    It sounds too American for an Australian phone....


    I don't remember, But Venta ( apps can play sounds directly to the phone line using your modem

    2 replies

    If you can set that up, it's even better! Then, you don't have to make sure that the room's quiet and everything.


    but there's no phone ads in Russia.

    Automate it: record this sound on your answering machine before the outgoing message. I've read (but can't confirm) that some auto-dialers will detect this sound & remove your number from their database.

    in the uk, phone your operator (BT 100 NTL/VIRGIN 150) ask about the preferece list, its free to join and takes 30 days to activate but no one should ring afterwards. or ask about the silent caller list for recorded messages

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    I assume that that's similar to the "Do Not Call" list here in the U.S.

    Yep, it's full name is the "Telephone preference service", but "Do not call" ame sounds more appropriate... :D


    Another way is to say "just one second" then walk away for a few hours. =O

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    I wonder how long they actually stay on... Anyways, that's pretty good too.