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As my earphones get older the buds become loose and tend to fall off when I remove them from my pocket or if they get pulled from my ears. I have already lost a couple giving me cause to seek ways to fix this permanently.

My solution is to use sewing thread to tie them on. I use black thread because it becomes almost invisible against the buds. I make sure I tie it tightly enough so that the silicone is compressed into the grooves on the earphones. I used the Clove Hitch knot to maintain the pressure on the silicone as I finished tying the knot.


dwray1 (author)2014-11-02

I ended up using super glue on mine and it worked for a while but the earbud eventually fell off.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-11-08

I always worry about mine coming off when I pull them out of my pocket. Very nice fix!

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