Picture of Stop motion animation? Here are some different things you can try
I decided to create an instructable on the different types of stop motion animation that you can do. Most people are not familiar with all types of animation so i'm going to show you a few and give you some quick tips on each one!

Step 1: White board animation

Picture of White board animation

My favourite white board animation is a rather complicated animation that would take alot of time and thought.


All that is required to make a white board animation is some dry erase markers and a creative mind.
Not all stop motions have to be complicated some are rather simple


That's awesome thanks for posting I will use this in the computer class i teach
tayeden (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
Thanks ! Im glad you liked the instructable ! hope your class does aswell :)
The kids in my class had a quick look at your instructable and they absolutely love it, now Im been harassed for white board markers, they will be have a go at stop motion on Tuesday.
Mr. Noack2 years ago
This is a great collection of examples.
Kiteman2 years ago
Are any of those animations actually your own?
tayeden (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
unfortunately not! just wanted to help people out with some ideas for stop motion !
Mr. Chunks2 years ago