Step 2: Put the Lime in the Coconut...

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Measure out two quantities of hydrogen peroxide and pour it into your non-metalic container.

Measure out one quantity of hydrochloric acid and pour it in. ("Do like you oughta, add acid to water" to minimize the chance of an out-of-control exothermic reaction.)

Be careful with the acid. This stuff (at 10 molar) is strong. Mine fumed a bit when I took the cap off. Don't breathe it directly, and be sure you've opened the kitchen window.

The starter etchant you've just made, on the other hand, is not so bad -- around 3M HCl with a medium-strong oxidizer. I find it doesn't fume much at room temperature when I'm re-using a batch.

That said, you've got to be very careful to keep it away from metal -- especially your stainless-steel kitchen sink. It'll eat the stainless coating right off. Keep plenty of water flowing at all times when you've got any of this (even a drop) near the sink.
Richard 112 months ago

made this etchant, it worked very quickly clean, no fumes excellent.

zann686 months ago

I tried this method today to do a Arduino RSSI Antenna Tracker board, worked Perfectly!! Way better than Ferric Chloride method. Plus side also you can see what it's doing - Will now only use this method! Thanks!!

raukorist777 months ago

what did you use as a resist for the etching? considering using this for some copper tubing

pilgrimsc1 year ago
hello can you tell me if this would be good for etching carbon steel?
ziggalo5 years ago
 Why do you need to have water running?
ew0054 ziggalo1 year ago
Just pour it in the toilet and flush. It will be diluted well below safe limits. If you feel better, pour it into a bucket of water to dilute it further, than flush.

Actually, it is reusable. Save it in a covered tank and just add acid as needed (when the solution turns from green to brown).
prevent it from etching the sink. it'll wash away small drops before they can eat at the metal.
Pour acid over my metal kitchen sink? Not a chance!

I wonder, what percentage of people actually do this in their kitchen? If I was going to do it in the house at all I'd do it at the bathroom sink. Even then I'd run the water to protect the metal around the drain hole but at least the body of the sink is porcelain.
tomx633 years ago
what does this mean? ("Do like you oughta, add acid to water" )
zwheel tomx632 years ago
It helps to read it with a New England accent.
wmoore69244 years ago
This works great!!!! Thanks!!!!!
whats on tap? mmm beer