Picture of Stopmotion animation
now, most people think that this is incredibly hard, and should be left to the adults. in fact, nothing could be easier than stopmotion! to find more, read on.
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Step 1: The stuff you need...

Picture of the stuff you need...
Layer 1_0011.png
now, for starters, if you are going to be the next Nick Park (the animator of Wallace and Gromit), you need some practice, among other things...
1. A computer with a decent amount of memory (hey, if you're going to be making lots and lots of films, you're going to need lots and lots of memory, because images aren't small, you know!)

2. A decent web cam, with manual focus and really good zoom, if possible.

3. lots of time and patience (it takes at least two hours to make a 13 second clip)

some decent script-writing and filming programs, in which the links are below:Monkeyjam

4. Lots and Lots of Lego!!! (in case you haven't guessed by now, this is a lego - class stopmotion tutorial!)

5. Did I mention patience!?

6. a photo shop program (I use Photoimpression 5)

Step 2: Monkeyjam

okay, once you get the program downloaded and installed, open it, and click on File, and then "New xps sheet". this is the sheet that you are going to use for your film. when you click on it, you will be presented a window. if you want to do some editing on the images later, for "image folder", click Browse, select desktop, and create a folder. after that is done, if you already have a webcam installed, click on the little orange video camera, marked "open video capture window". then, select stopmotion from the list of options, and you're good to go!

Step 3: The Walk

Picture of The Walk
Layer 1_0011.png
Layer 1_0013.png
Layer 1_0015.png
Layer 1_0017.png
first off, you need to develop the basic walk. note the images.

cool i made one but its "silent".

This is the best stop motion instructable I have seen, excellent work! Just a quickie, in the walk sequence you've put up there usually the left arm goes forward with the right leg.
iproberry12 years ago
This is...

Cool check out my youtube. Legoboy123456789
a good program to use for sop motion windows movie maker. learn more abour that on youtube.
If you are just messing around with stopmotion then yes, but if you are serious then you want to be animating at 15 frames per second which monkeyjam allows you to do.
voemaster, it takes HOURS to do a decent movie. i do it alot my self.
ok i'll try going alot slower in my movies then
voemaster5 years ago
good job  hey how long does it take to make a video
Ballistaman5 years ago
Holy crap! How do you keep the camera so still?! Mine moves even if itson a tripod! Also how many pics do you take for such a smooth animation?3 of my friends do random stopmotion at lunch....
RC-0720 (author)  Ballistaman5 years ago
well, since I just use a webcam, I just either tape it down, in which case I tape it onto a platform and tape that platform to the set, or use a jury rig, in which case I sort of build an all-encompassing box around the camera, except around the lens, then put it on a track, to use it for dolly shots.
ManicJack5 years ago
hey mate how did you make them luminus? i have photoshop but i dont know how to do that
RC-0720 (author)  ManicJack5 years ago
well, first u activate the "line" tool, u click and drag it over the lightsaber-to-be, making certain that it is translucent, thick, and the main outer color of ur choice (eg the outer blade, with the color), then a smaller, shorter line inside, that is white, but slightly transparent, so that it can appear to be the center.
wilcurt6 years ago
I started making these kind of things over 4 years ago. I will try to get one on soon.....................................................
Kiteman6 years ago
You really need to include a video of one of your films.
RC-0720 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
as I said before, I will get to it when I have time! i'm really busy with schoolwork over here.
Kiteman RC-07206 years ago
It doesn't have to be a new film, just a clip from something past, such as the one those stills are from. As nugatron says, even a brief clip would be good.
RC-0720 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I've put up a decent clip up. enjoy!
Kiteman RC-07206 years ago
That's really good - well done. If you want more views of it, though, you should upload it to YouTube or Metacafe and then embed the video back here - one-click play with no downloading gets more views.
nagutron6 years ago
I'd love to see more details of how the fighting was done, and the finished film, even if it's just 13 seconds long!
RC-0720 (author)  nagutron6 years ago
well, technically, those images were either from past films of mine, and images I just made for this instructable. but when I have time, i'll post up a decent movie!
stranoster6 years ago
If you're looking for a really simple start to stopmotion which only uses windows movie maker my videoible might give you another simple, though not the best, starting point.

After that shameless self promotion, gotta say, great introduction to stopmotion here, with a simple to use program as it's core. Nice work.