Stopping Windows From Resizing When the Monitor Powers Off.



Introduction: Stopping Windows From Resizing When the Monitor Powers Off.

For years I had this annoying problem when my TV is physically powered off, Windows will resize everything. I like the arrangement I leave the system in so why does it have to resize every damn application when the monitor is not present?

Read on for the solution. Strangely enough many people have the same issue when their monitor goes into sleep mode.

Step 1: Registry Editor.

Press the windows key, hold and press R. Next type regedit. Now the windows registry editor comes up.

Navigate to the location shown.

Step 2: The Trouble Location.

Keep navigating down to graphics drivers then configuration. This is where the crap happens.

Step 3: Fixing the Evil!

The simulated folder has a 00 folder and within that folder is another 00 subfolder. The default resolution is much lower than modern monitors are capable of. This is why windows resizes the applications if the monitor is physically powered off.

The first 00 needs 3 keys changed as highlighted. I put the vales for my 1080p TV resolution. The stride key is always 7680.

For the subfolder 00 the monitor resolution needs to be changed from the Windows default. To be safe, I restarted the pc.

Step 4: All Done!

Now windows no longer resizes because the simulated folder resolution is identical to the resolution I want! In your case, if different from a 1080p TV resolution, enter the values for your hardware.



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