Using this simple method you can stop those annoying teachers from spying on what you are doing from their computer without using any hotkeys or anything of that matter.

Step 1: work out what your school computers have

In this step you need to find out what your school has on your computer that it uses to track what you do. My school uses a program called lanschool, it has a teacher and student application running on the either of the computers respectively.
<p>my school used vision by netop. How will i do it on mine?</p>
<p>open powershell(x86) and type </p><p>msiexec /x /n /norestart {C4F932E5-0072-498A-8766-423035842D2D}</p><p>then restart your computer when you get a chance. It should be disabled.</p>
<p>what about netsupport school</p>
<p>Looks easy enough, i'll install it this weekend in a closed environment and figure it out.</p>
<p>Can it be un-suspended?</p>
<p>I have full access to folder its just thier is nothing in thier</p>
<p>it says acssece denied what do i do</p>
<p>Well i was looking for a way to connect to the school severs from home without being detected i dont really want to pay for a vpn or anything so yeah i dont go there anymore but my login id still works on novell vibe</p>
<p>As an IT Director I can tell you that we track everything you &quot;think&quot; isn't watched. Network firewalls these days have tracking features that log user IDs and sites visited. Really? You think you are not watched if you block classroom management software? The garbled screen is an automatic bust. Suspensions, loss of privileges, parent conferences are all part of the arsenal of gotchas we can use. Don't be stupid. When you are in school your lack of privacy is our ability to keep you from stuff that is harmful and illegal. So you lose a little privacy. If you are doing what you are supposed to I guarantee you it is boring and teachers are not going to be watching. We don't like to invade our privacy but we have to, by law, protect you from your moments of stupidity. If you are at my school I'll ask for a suspension if you do this. </p>
<p>Umm &quot;Mr. IT Director&quot; you cant track me from my(excuse my language) FU&amp;^ING HOUSE Just Putting it out there</p>
<p>ever heard of proxies and vpn's use them over the top of the 'hack' up there and bam you cant be tracked</p>
<p>Problem with VPN's and proxies is that they only go so far. We've had people try that in our system and our firewall is still able to log user IDs. So that's busted.</p>
Tor? Then about 5 different proxies worked at our school
<p>supsend the special rat software on the system in boot easy</p>
<p>I would just like to say I think the revoking of privacy is quite dumb. See I have a IT Director just like you, and I make his life a living hell because of it.</p><p>I have written multiple worms using buffer overload vulns for powershell that diable net-op vision. And I delete important files just to screw with him. I very much dislike you, I hope you pray I never get transfered to your school.</p>
<p>a write power scripts too there easy to over write and your so called security is dumb a can take it down in a day and proxys really it like you are calling for me to hack oh and the duel proxy then the firewall cmd blocks lol but nice try hacker will be head of you guys forever </p>
<p>&quot;we dont like to invade your privacy, but we have to, by law, protect you from your moments of stupidity.&quot; Actually, the law protects the student's privacy from school officials. So, not only is your comment completely stupid and untrue, but you sound like a very uneducated person who wants to intimidate a bunch of kids. I hope you enjoy your very interesting job of tracking what a bunch of kids do on the internet. lol</p>
<p>all teacher need to remember just how much S**** students give</p>
<p>i just use a ubuntu 10.10 usb that i themed to look like windows. if usb boot is disabled ,i modify the live cd to use the windows theme.</p>
<p>that smart but for the proxy try the redhat or kail lieux to hack the duel proxy or proxy and firewalls and rats and open the build in hard drive </p>
<p>If you want to bypass any webfilters check out: <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/heylmfao1/" rel="nofollow">https://sites.google.com/site/heylmfao1/</a></p><p>It has proxy's games and also tells you a way to get bypassed those webfilters that stop proxies :D <br>*MUST HAVE Google Chrome Websearcher*</p>
<p>schools block any sites like that</p>
the problem for me is the school is very clever and has had the technicians block all applications, cmd, the C:\ drive and control panel along with many other things.<br><br>It makes it hard to find something that will work.
<p>drag a network drive click prop and then chage it to c and go in system32</p>
<p>This worked for me at my old school, but I'm not sure if it will work at your school, but try pressing the Windows key (the key with the windows flag on it) and r at the same time to bring up a program called &quot;run.&quot; in there, type cmd to open command prompt</p>
<p>go home, go on your pc, open up notepad type in command.com, save it as a bat file, put it onto a usb and hey presto you have cmd. Also notepad fuctions also work on text editor if you have window 7</p>
if you want your C:\ drive here is what you have to do.... go to the bottom right corner or wherever you have your time and battery life. go to show hidden icons and click on it, you will see the lanschool icon, right click it and it will take you to a folder. after you are done with that go to the top of that folder and you will see &quot;local Disc (C:)&quot; click that and you are in your C:\ drive.
<p>Download sites are blocked...</p>
<p>easy re root is the dule proxy</p>
<p>I know right</p>
<p>also you can't open programs that are administrator protected</p>
<p>FreeDownloadManagerPortable works wonders for downloading</p>
<p>Great free software for remote control PC's - LiteManager!</p>
<p>Go to this link. I posted a page on how to do all of this but better.</p><p>http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Get-Administrator-Access-and-Take-Off-LanSc/</p>
<p>Unable to suspend the process: Access denied.</p>
<p>Thanks. My school uses interclass :D</p>
<p>Today i cracked the password to disable impero, the default password is StaffOnly. Got into lot of trouible for nearly disabling mine because i got caught. </p>
<p>wouldn't this get u in lots of trouble?</p>
<p>Probably XD</p>
<p>just switch your internet or make one</p>
<p>just switch your internet or make one</p>
<p>What is the application name for Impero</p>
<p>GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi` </p><p>go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file</p><p>command.com</p><p>saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat &lt;--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t</p><p>then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking </p>
<p>GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi` </p><p>go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file</p><p>command.com</p><p>saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat &lt;--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t</p><p>then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking </p>
<p>Not at all... In my school they block that sht hard......</p>
<p>GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi` </p><p>go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file</p><p>command.com</p><p>saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat &lt;--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t</p><p>then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking </p>
Hi dudes. <br> <br>My School was like that too-blocking programs, spying on you, etc, but as always-I found a way around it. If there are programs that you can use, such as Internet Explorer, Notepad, etc. Then you can rename the program as that. For example, Internet Explorer works- rename the .exe file as &quot;iexplore.exe&quot; (Without the &quot;&quot;). If notepad works-rename it as &quot;notepad.exe&quot;. And if that doesn't work, rename the file as &quot;explorer.exe&quot;. <br> <br>If now you can run exe programs, try and run this program at school-Its called Ex-Student and it kills LanSchool Student (Using LanSchool utilities) and runs LanSchool Teacher which gets extracted when the file is executed. LanSchool Teacher wont run if Student.exe is killed, so Ex-Student does this for you. <br> <br>Ex-Student link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ba35spsmatep1jm/ExStudent.exe <br>Just open the file, and it will do the rest. It runs hidden, this avoids the teacher catching you. <br> <br>And if you want to run CMD at school, use my LavaPrompt Command Terminal. It has a hacked version of CMD so it runs even when its blocked, and it has lots of other useful commands included. LavaPrompt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ix8txu89luhsgvt/Lavaprompt_1.9.exe <br> <br>Try not to get caught, otherwise you may get excluded.
my college has blocked ending, suspending or changing the priority of this process? help?
Whenever I try to do this, it says that access is denied. Is there a way around this?