Stopping teachers from spying on what you are doing on school computers

Picture of Stopping teachers from spying on what you are doing on school computers
Using this simple method you can stop those annoying teachers from spying on what you are doing from their computer without using any hotkeys or anything of that matter.
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Step 1: Work out what your school computers have

Picture of work out what your school computers have
In this step you need to find out what your school has on your computer that it uses to track what you do. My school uses a program called lanschool, it has a teacher and student application running on the either of the computers respectively.

Step 2: Download a portable task manager

Picture of Download a portable task manager
If your school is smart, they would have disabled the windows task manager. so, we will get our own!
I've found that process explorer works wonders.
download and put a task manager onto your USB thumb drive and its locked and loaded to stop those teachers at school.

Step 3: Fire the torpedos!

Picture of Fire the torpedos!
In this step you need to be quick so that the teacher or anyone else for that matter doesnt see what you are doing

first you will need to find out what the name of the application running on your computer which monitors your computer is. If you found this out earlier you would be smart to do so. for lanschool it should be student.exe, most of the programs will have an exe extension

Next you need to SUSPEND the process, if you kill it, it will most likely just restart itself like lanschool does.

Step 4: Finito

Picture of Finito
There you go, now your screen is just garbled to your teacher, of course all this does is make it so that the program is non responsive so that doesnt stop the teacher from seeing this garbled junk that your screen once was. Of course this wont get rid of the internet blocker, but it will get rid of the history cheaker on lanschool
have fun, just dont be stupid about it ok?
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just switch your internet or make one


just switch your internet or make one

the problem for me is the school is very clever and has had the technicians block all applications, cmd, the C:\ drive and control panel along with many other things.

It makes it hard to find something that will work.

go home, go on your pc, open up notepad type in, save it as a bat file, put it onto a usb and hey presto you have cmd. Also notepad fuctions also work on text editor if you have window 7

if you want your C:\ drive here is what you have to do.... go to the bottom right corner or wherever you have your time and battery life. go to show hidden icons and click on it, you will see the lanschool icon, right click it and it will take you to a folder. after you are done with that go to the top of that folder and you will see "local Disc (C:)" click that and you are in your C:\ drive.

Today i cracked the password to disable impero, the default password is StaffOnly. Got into lot of trouible for nearly disabling mine because i got caught.

TheGamerG1 month ago

What is the application name for Impero

If you want to bypass any webfilters check out:

It has proxy's games and also tells you a way to get bypassed those webfilters that stop proxies :D
*MUST HAVE Google Chrome Websearcher*

devicemodder7 months ago

i just use a ubuntu 10.10 usb that i themed to look like windows. if usb boot is disabled ,i modify the live cd to use the windows theme.

GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi`

go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file

saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat <--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t

then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking

GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi`

go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file

saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat <--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t

then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking

GUYS CALME YOUR frinking shi`

go to get cmd you cgot to do this on a txt file

saveas= (NAME OF FILE).bat <--- BAT IS IMPORTANT t

then you got yourself a free non blocked admin command promt have fun hacking

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you from hhs?

Lavanoid1 year ago
Hi dudes.

My School was like that too-blocking programs, spying on you, etc, but as always-I found a way around it. If there are programs that you can use, such as Internet Explorer, Notepad, etc. Then you can rename the program as that. For example, Internet Explorer works- rename the .exe file as "iexplore.exe" (Without the ""). If notepad works-rename it as "notepad.exe". And if that doesn't work, rename the file as "explorer.exe".

If now you can run exe programs, try and run this program at school-Its called Ex-Student and it kills LanSchool Student (Using LanSchool utilities) and runs LanSchool Teacher which gets extracted when the file is executed. LanSchool Teacher wont run if Student.exe is killed, so Ex-Student does this for you.

Ex-Student link:
Just open the file, and it will do the rest. It runs hidden, this avoids the teacher catching you.

And if you want to run CMD at school, use my LavaPrompt Command Terminal. It has a hacked version of CMD so it runs even when its blocked, and it has lots of other useful commands included. LavaPrompt:

Try not to get caught, otherwise you may get excluded.
hcashmore112 years ago
my college has blocked ending, suspending or changing the priority of this process? help?
Ratlover2 years ago
Whenever I try to do this, it says that access is denied. Is there a way around this?
thephatman82 years ago
my problem is that it wont let me suspend the program and if i try to open the program file, it gives me the same response "Operation could not be completed, Access is denied. Can i get some help?
RedFlash4 years ago
Great Idea! My school uses iTalc and netcontrol to monitor our computers. The only problem is that iTalc has a live video feed to the teacher's laptop and when you suspend the process, the last picture of what you were doing would show you killing iTalc and thus cause problems.
Thumbs UP your'e a genius
I'll locate that hacktool
HaHa i'll kill the xxcy.cgx hack tool!
my school uses a DOS code that makes hacktool xxcy.cgx perform it's hacking tasks
i get spyied all the time, the threat is xxcy.cgx tracks from a DOS code
philipster6 years ago
well a group of us at my school got into the registry files and got the admins user and pass then we installed a thing called tightvnc (allows u to look at other comps and control there comps though your computer) they went on a rampage with it trying to go onto a teachers account they got busted since 5 people where doing it at one in I>T class to randoms ( u type like d_01 for say library computer ) our I>T guys where so dumb they wrote in on the back of the computer so they got in trouble and they hat to pay 2k to get the server reset and the admin pass changed don't use it
How did you get the password. I bet you're lying
registery files of all the computer pass and users or use command prompt to make one like 5th grade stuff dude
megacheater1 (author)  philipster5 years ago
uh i do believe the passwords for the computers are NOT saved in the registry, they are saved inside a SAM file in the system or system32 folder... so i don't believe you acctually did this :) also, if you can do it with command prompt you would have administrator access in the first place so mate, you're wrong
out school is about the same REV as a wow server its not that hard or go into the registry files using the .run and delete all regertys systems command and all others dude believe what you want but i didn't get suspended for nothing
megacheater1 (author)  philipster5 years ago
yeah, and if your computers admin is smart he will disable .batch files and remove so you cant use that either :P the funny thing is now my school uses ABControl, and it just requires a password for the client to be able to control the computers so I'm thinking ill take my laptop with dual network ports so I bridge the connection but filter what goes though and look for a password, the program is very small so I doubt its smart enough to be encrypted.
they arnt smart its Australia all they do it sit around doing nothing the batch files are still enables for everycomupter and we all have sheets with all the computer codes so we know witch one to shut down or you can use c++ and use that for similar stuff
Yeah. You have to be lying...
calipber5 years ago
I found the process using the software you suggested but coouldnt find the name with the regular Taskmanager, when i tried suspending it denied me access, so my school alteast already figured out how to bloock that way of entry, oh and btw if you see your school filter on there and you think to try to suspend that process to bypass the filters it wont work haha i tried it, it just disables the internet.
slinger145 years ago
our school uses something called vision client do u know how to get past that.
megacheater1 (author)  slinger145 years ago
i found the website for it
go find a trial for it or get the full version through other sources....
either way you can just use the process manager and start randomly killing processes.
hg3416 years ago
well this is nice and all but my school has (i cant remeber the name) something like a 2nd os running with xp so no good with you idea (i took a class called cet and we made the pcs for the schools and we installed xp and all that crap) all kids and people that use the pcs have a number and pass word ( mine is 326226 and ******im not going to tell you that)
megacheater1 (author)  hg3416 years ago
do you remember the names of the stuff you installed!? maybe that apparant "second os" i dont understand how you could have a second os running appart from with an emulator sort of assembly but that would make your computers at school run real bad haha. well get back to me, might be able to help you
its called novellits acts like a os over xp

and yes it dose make the pcs really slow
and im not going to be hacking it(i know to many people)
zuner2012 hg3415 years ago
novell is a linux operating system. If it runs on an emulator, then your good. If not, try running pendrive linux or slax off of a flash drive. This is purely untracable. Custom apps and everything without booting from the hdd. Google it or go to or It does me wonders\
hg341 zuner20125 years ago
yea well the computers arent set to boot from usb and they have bios passwords
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