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My girls needed beds and as usual we were broke. So I decided to build storage beds off of a modified book case plan. It cost about $70 for both before paint n putty.
2. 6' 1x12
4. 3' 1x10
4. 9" 2x4
1. 6'x3' piece of 3/8 plywood
a box of 1 1/2" interior wood screws.

First attach two 2x4s to one of the 1x10s (one per end lol) like a little table, and remember to drill pilot holes to stop splits. Make sure the ends are flush. They both need to mate with the 1x12. Now make another.
Next make a box by screwing into the 2x4s. Once again flush ends people, and 1x12 always need atleast three screws per joint.
Now measure n mark every 2ft down both1x12s. This is where your "shelves" go to support the matress. Once again pilot holes then screws.

Finally putty, sand, n stain or paint.

ps don't forget to round the corners on the 1x12s



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    yeah its all under the matress access. Sorry it took me so long to get back. I've been working on the beds with the flu n now the rest of the family has it too. The idea about using it for a book case during the day was very Japanese, but they are teenagers(when home they're horizontal lol)

    maybe you could modify this a little to make it a book shelf during the day and bed by night

    Maybe you have to lift the mattress up to reach underneath?

    Where's the storage accessed?