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Things you will need:

5 vinyl record covers (strong ones)
Ball of thick wool or yarn
Drill or knife

Step 1:

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Start by drilling 8 holes down the side of two of the covers.

Make sure you keep the one you want at the front on the outside.

Now start threading the yarn through the wholes to attach both, you can use any technique but I chose to make them cross cross.

Step 2:

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Keep adding a cover in until you have the basic box shape of four sides. Now you need the bottom.

To do this on each side of your final cover, make 8 holes. Make 8 holes on the bottoms of your already attached covers.

Now you need to thread the yarn through whilst attaching it to the already attached covers. Once done you should have formed a storage box, you can add decoration or even made a lid but I chose to keep it plain and simple.

Step 3:

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