Picture of Storage Cube Bed
I wanted to come up with a more practical way to store items in the bedroom, without losing what little room we already had.  I am also big into reusing items, and was able to recycle wooden shipping containers that were being thown away after one use, for this project.  This instructable can be built with minimal tools and skills.  I am a do-it-yourselfer with no carpentry training. 

NOTE:  This was made for a king size bed, and yeilded 16 storage cubes.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Picture of Materials and Tools.
Wooden boxes or other wood. Other materials needed were screws, felt, tacky glue, wood filler, wood shims, and fabric drawers.

Electric drill, drill bits, t square, rubber mallet, angle grinder/dremel tool,  and circular saw or jig saw.

Step 2: Resizing wooden boxes

Picture of Resizing wooden boxes
bottom side of box.jpg
I disassembled the wooden boxes, and cut the wood to size. i also cut dividers from the recycled box lids. I then reassembled the boxes using wood screws, being sure to predrill as to not split the wood.

Step 3: Filling, Priming, and Painting

Picture of Filling, Priming, and Painting
Next fill in any extra screw holes with wood filler.  Let dry.  Lightly sand wood filler to make smooth.  Prime boxes and dividers with a paint primer .  This will ensure proper sealing of the wood and will help keep the wood from soaking up too much of the final paint.  Let dry overnight.

Now paint with final paint color.  I suggest at least two coats, allowing proper amount of time between coats.  Be sure to follow paint and primer manufacture directions.

Step 4: Inserting Dividers

Picture of Inserting Dividers
I allowed the paint to dry for a week to be sure it had "toughened" up.  Then place the dividers in the proper spaces to go between the Fabric drawers.  I actually placed the fabric drawers and then put the dividers in.  I pulled out a fabric drawer and then used wood shims to put beneath the dividers to be sure they were flush with the front.  Place fabric drawer back in and predrill the screw holes.  Next, fasten with screws.

This idea would work really well if you've got lots of unused storage room under the bed. Customising the whole thing makes it a lot easier to retrieve items that you're keeping under there too!