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Introduction: Storage Shelving

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2 x 4 shelving

Step 1: Storage Shelving-

Finished shelving size 8' L X 6' H X 2' D

Stock: 12- 2 X 4 X 8" -- 11/2 sheets 4 X 8 X 3/4 plywood --- 1- 1 X 6 X 10'-- Box #10 X 3" drywall screws

1. Cut 6 of the 2 X 4 to 6' lengths (legs)

2. Rip plywood to 2' X 8'

3. Mark all the 6' 2 X 4 (legs) at three places (any height you choose) start screws

4. Mark 6 of the 2 X 4 (cross pieces) 6" in from both ends and at center

5. Start screws at ends of 4- 2 X 4 x 2' (pieces cut from 6 footers)

6. Lay out three 8' cross pieces then put 6 foot legs on top of legs(align with marks made in steps 3 & 4) square assembly corner to corner-then drive screws home. Move the two finished leg and cross piece assemblies to you final area.

7. Set up both assemblies and begin securing 2' 2 X 4 just under the crosspieces and screw into each leg.

8. Keep checking for square & level etc.

9. Cut 1 X 6 X 10' to fit diagonally (upper corner to lower corner) at rear of unit-attach with screws (bracing)

10. Install plywood shelving

11. Cut a 2 X 4 to fit diagonally from leg to leg in center legs between upper and center shelf (bracing)

I made three of these units in less than one day. You will need an extra set of hands with the final assembly.

Tools: Tape measure, framing square, skill saw, power drill and bits for screws.



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    Thanks for the very easy to understand directions and the great photos.

    Very nice. I've built many shelves just like this. The diagonal brace is the key! :)

    Good instructions, thanks for sharing!