Picture of Storage Trunk Makeover

Take an inexpensive storage trunk (get them at a big box store or a yard sale) and give it a vintage weathered look perfect for your home decor. I used a wax technique and Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint and DecoArt Vintage French Stencils.

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Step 1: See the video tutorial here

Step 2: You'll need

Picture of You'll need

Large storage trunk

Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Rustic, Treasure & Yesteryear

Americana Decor Ultra-Matte Varnish

Americana Decor Paris Stencil

Sanding blocks or sander


Household or candle wax

Step 3:

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Rub wax on your trunk (go crazy with it)

Paint the entire trunk (except for the hardware) with Rustic and let dry for 30 minutes

Step 4:

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Sand the trunk with a sanding block or sander

*The paint will sand off in the areas where you waxed

Wipe your trunk with a damp rag Rub wax on your trunk again

Step 5:

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Paint the entire trunk in Treasure and let dry

Sand again, exposing the Rustic paint and the original color of the trunk

Stencil on the front using the color Yesteryear

Protect the entire trunk with the Ultra-Matte Varnish

Step 6:

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Use it as a coffee or side table with the added benefit of storage.

Great job painting! I am impressed...I have a trunk that looks just like that sitting in my room...minus the label...but that's the way I got it. What a transformation! :)

Nicely done! I like the patina.

Mark Montano (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thanks craftclarity, I'm actually thinking about adding more color to it. Maybe more green.....Feel like it might be too blue for my living room.