Storage Tubes Build to Your Needs- Garage, Hobby, Camper




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Introduction: Storage Tubes Build to Your Needs- Garage, Hobby, Camper

I'll show you how to easily construct storage tubes from plastic bottles (caps) & 35mm film bottles. The great thing is you size them to your need. Being my 1st, I'm sure my communication skills will be put to the test. It's pretty self explanitory & works great.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Adhesive generally runs $3, as does the T18 tube gaurds. Film container & water bottle caps are recycled.

Step 2: Cut to Size

Cut as noted in #2 picture

Step 3:

The 35mm tubes are a tight fit- I have found that only the black tubes fit in the T18. The top cap is tight enough, that adhesive is not needed.

Step 4:

This would be the completed snap cap tube. The intro picture shows variations of screw cap tubes.



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    Good way to store artist's brushes--thanks!

    This is a good way to store welding sticks (electrodes).

    interesting idea but what are tube gaurds and where would one get them?

    1 reply

    floresent tube gaurds- hardware stores / electrical suppliers.

    looks like an excellent way to store electronics Thanks for sharing

    1 reply