Storage Bed





Introduction: Storage Bed

1200X2400X18 Refers to the board 4 sheets
30mm wood screws a boxs
15mm wood screws a boxs
varnish 2.5L
Wool to brush 1
180sandpaper 4 sheets
240sandpaper 4 sheets
360sandpaper 4 sheets
Pneumatic stem 2 pairs

Tools used
Safety glasses
Ear plugs
Carpentry electric circular
Carpentry planing
square feet
Carpentry clip
Trimming machine
Tape measure
Electric Drill



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    18 Discussions

    This reminds me of the beds at my son's barracks, looks good.

    I like the idea a lot, but would prefer smaller "boxes" that I could move more easily, and I would consider an additional opening on one end of each, so I could get into them without lifting the mattress, if I had to. I may have to build this...

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    Sorry, my English is poor
    So, just write I translated.
    And, to do this bed is while doing think. So it did not draw drawings.
    If you have any questions, you can ask me, I will try to answer for you.

    Very creative. As with the previous comments there has to be a way for it to open without having to take the mattress off. Overall good instructable. Obviously if one wanted it fit to a certain size bed they'd have to measure the bed in which they want it built. :) Love it though! :D

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    Love this Toni! I have seen the other ones that lift the entire mattress up, but didn't like those. This seems to be more my style. Since I don't have room for it right now, I've attempted to make instructions for future me to follow. Though I'm not real clear on what you did around the headboard. Is the "lid" right against the headboard or does it need a small piece of wood to space it? What are the three pieces that are holding up the headboard? How'd you install the Pneumatic Rods?

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    the Pneumatic Rods
    I'm sorry, my English is very bad
    The pneumatic rod installed inside I was in bed, the mattress and bed riser need for drilling, and then fixed with screws on it.
    My mattress is palm pad, you can fold.


    I like the concept, nice clean finished lines around the edge of the bed, no place for clutter to hide. I agree with Mistress D said about the mattress, I think the most practicle use would be for long term storage items like christmas decorations unless you are using a futon or foldable mattress as toin333 does. You would need some heavy duty support mech, to lift and support the wood top, the bracing required for it and any kind of regular mattress.

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    My mattress can be folded, so don't but heart that thing

    I like the concept but the only problem I see is that you would have to take the mattress off in order to get to the storage. Have you thought about doing one with just one opening that the mattress can sit on and it all opens up as one? Do you have any pictures with the bed made up. Nice Idea.