Storing Garden Tools With Style (aka Zombiewall)





Introduction: Storing Garden Tools With Style (aka Zombiewall)

Storing shovels, rakes, and all the other tools used in the garden can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. An artistic flare is often missing.

Step 1: Something to Put It On

We built a shed in the corner of our yard to replace the ugly tin shed that was poorly placed.

Step 2: Picking the Right Wording

Discussions about the exact wording went on for quite some time but eventually we settled on it. I created a Word document with Times New Roman at a font size of 430. I printed it out on eight or nine sheets of paper. Cutting the letters out as I went. All the sheets then need to be taped together. I tacked it to the wall and used a pencil to transfer the stencil. Followup with a black permanent marker.

To match the theme I used the Internet to find an antique scythe, which I think is a wonderful addition. I used screws and wire to affix the scythe which is also extremely dull at the moment.

Step 3: A Year Later

Turns out permanent marker isn't so permanent. The winter was hard on it and it was showing through. I got a new "king size" marker and touched it up. Took me about an hour and a half. It now has that freshly printed look once again.



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    This is an awesome garden tool storage item! I really have to do something like this in my own backyard. This has that perfect slightly geeky dig to it that I'm sure my roommates are sure to love too. Thanks for the idea mate!

    It looks quaint and nicely done, but where I live you'd just be arming the house-breakers.

    I've been told this and I suppose it's a valid concern. If you search around on Google "in case of zombies and yard work" you can find people that have adopted this idea inside the garage instead of outside. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, I've done pretty well with this design.

    LOL that's awesome!

    Thanks. I've noticed a lot of people are picking up on the theme. Fridge magnets, decals and wooden signs. Imitation is, of course, the greatest form of flattery. That's why I like share and share alike.

    Should however anyone doubt the veracity of this shed as the original I present a bit of irrefutable proof:


    ROTFLOL!!! Great sense of humor!!!

    May I print your photo for myself? I think it is hilarious!! Your garden must be a very happy garden!!!

    Yes, of course. It is currently all over the Internet.

    ypu could do a stencil and used acrylic paint and sponge that on, or use an acrylic sealer, weatherproof, and spray it over the letters