Introduction: Storm Drain Exploration Part II

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These are a series of short videos of my friend and I going through yet another series of storm drains. This one was much shorter, but the 25 foot climb to the top of the chamber, where we could see outside, was amazing, and sresented all new challenges to us. We brought along plenty of equipment. That included

-bike locks
-trusty old pocket knives
-rope (to tie ourselves off to the ledge)

And we should have brought...

-extra shoes
-an easier camera to hold while crawling

The only reason for the music in the videos is so that you guys don't hear our somewhat "colorful" language. Hey, you cant blame us! That water was as cold as sh*t!


Higgs Boson (author)2012-10-07

Is this the stuff from by timberline?

freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2012-10-07


Higgs Boson (author)freeza362012-10-07

Good times.

freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2012-10-07

Yeah. Remember the little fishy?

ilpug (author)2012-10-05

Nice crawl man! Here's tip: make a little steady cam or get a go pro. Also, share the location so others can explore it.

Have you ever read Infiltration?

freeza36 (author)ilpug2012-10-05

I have not read inflitration... And I was going to get a gopro, but the urge to get a kayak instead completely overpowered.

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