Hi everybody,

To practice shading and depth I thought I would try a Storm Trooper make-up effect.  Through attempting this challenging make-up I learned loads about face structure and picked up some more ideas on how to try and camouflage the facial features a little. 

It turned out just about OK but needs a 'LOT' of work to make it an effective piece of make-up but, I think it is a good idea to post the 'Not so good' work as much as the good work to see the learning process...anyway hope you enjoy it ;)

The basic instructions are:
  1. Find a good reference picture from the front and the sides
  2. Draw on the basic shape using a black eyeliner pencil (normally white but the clown white blends it in too much)
  3. Block in the white make-up
  4. Block in the grey make-up
  5. Add any detail
  6. Finish with the black make-up to add depth

Next up 'Avatar' prosthetic sculpt, application and make-up so stay tuned and please remember to visit my YouTube channel HERE and  'SUBSCRIBE' to become part of my little community ;)

The make-up used here was a Kryolon bruise wheel for the black and grey, cheap black eyeshadow and Snazaroo clown white.

Happy days !!!

I was scrolling through your profile and saw the sculpting instructable that you had. Do you think you could tell me where to get good sculpting clay for a reasonable price or maybe a good recipe or something to make my own?

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