Stormtrooper Helmet ( on a Budget)





Introduction: Stormtrooper Helmet ( on a Budget)

I've redone this instructables because there was a problem with the last one, it only showed the first step, hope this works as it wouldn't let me edit the last one!

Step 1: Pepakura

Step 2: Resin

Step 3: Bonds

Step 4: Sanding

Step 5: Painting

Step 6: Detailing

Step 7: Finished........ for Now



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    what are the scaling/measurements of the head for this??


    how do you get a smooth and even surface from Bondo and sanding? I'm working on my Stormtrooper helmet now and I can't seem to get that. I'm using wood filler putty to substitute Bondo by the way


    can you tell me where do you find the black transparent plastic for the eyes ?


    Pop the lenses out of some cheap large sunglasses

    Can you please tell me the size of this Helmet when finished? Is it adult sized? I am hoping to make one to fit a four year old.

    Excellent idea and I aim to try this in the very near future. The finish quality looks amazing on the images, but I assume that this is comparible to the amount of time you spend on it. Terrible usage of guitars though. lol

    I just wanted to confirm, is this a wearable helmet? Thanks!

    Hello, thanks for having a look, your right I don't say anywhere it's a full scale lid, but it is, it's 1:1 scale with a stormtrooper resin cast helmet ?

    That helmet looks like a movie quality prop! Great job and can u build a clonetrooper helmet the same way?