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This tie only cost a dollar.  Amazing, huh?  :)  I just picked out a tie that would contrast with a Stormtrooper, bought it from the dollar store, took it home and personalized it!

You will need to get the idea of this project by reading the first few steps on my Machine Embroidery Instructable.  Once you get the idea of that , this is EASY.  Well, either way, it's easy.

Imagine doing this for a wedding?  Groomsmen gifts?  Christmas presents?  It's a nifty-geeky way to gift on a budget.  

Tools of the trade:  Image, sewing machine, darning foot, super solvy and a tie!

Step 1: Tools

You need:

Super Solvy, water soluble stabilizer from a fabric store
Sewing machine
Darning foot, compatible with your machine, mine came from ebay!
A cheap tie!

Step 2: Source Image

I actually had this coloring book laying around for cake decorating ideas.  haha.  I collect themed coloring books from the dollar store and with the simplified images, you can do anything!

So, print out your image, or trace it onto some Super Solvy directly from a coloring book!

Step 3: Pin in Place and Go!

Now that you've figured out where to put your image, just pin it in place and sew as desired!

Just remember that if you want an accurate image, you need to start, stop, tie off and begin the next area of the image on it's own.  If you make a continuous line, the character will look pretty funky.

If you want, you can try to freestyle some tie fighters like I did.  I'm most proud of them LOL, even though the shapes are so easy, I think they are cute!

Step 4: Rinse and Dry!

Now you're done!  Take it to the water, rinse off the plastic film and lay it flat to dry.

Although my husband won't be able to wear it to work, I'm sure he will find an occasion to wear it some day.   (His boss told him to take all his Stormtrooper figures home because it "gives the wrong image to the clients" lol.  He came home with a sad face and a box of toys that day.)



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"It 'gives the wrong image to the clients'". If that image is of an awesome workplace full of cool employees...

Very cool.

Great gift, well executed and well documented in your Ible.

And I think it's your husbands boss that is giving the wrong image ;-)

I just love the little ships in the background very creative your husband must be going syco over it! i would!

yeah, let's just see if he wears it now LoL

ohh Pfff! :D <3 i guess i scatter myself all over the place hahah

The way you transferred that was so smart. YOU ARE AWESOME

This is so fun! What a great idea instead of just a boring old "dad tie"! Must buy a darning foot immediately! Thanks for sharing! :)