Story of a Blustering Plant





Introduction: Story of a Blustering Plant

This is a story of a blustering plant...

Step 1: ​Detail of a Cactus' Diary...

..."When I was little, like my son, John, I had incredible dreams... Dreams about flying, hurricanes, falling, or just about the weekends. And I had a wish, too... Just one... But who can hear a little cactuc from the desk? Cause' I can't speak. I can't see. I can't make anything. I just stay at the same place. Every day and every night. This is my special habit. But I hear... I hear the fulminant hurricanes. I hear the shouting. I hear the lovely words. I hear the air's flitting. I hear the love. And I hear something, that the humans are called: music."...

Step 2: Materials

What you need:

  • A plant (or plants)
  • A speaker (or maybe hi-fi)
  • Mobile phone / Tablet / mp3 / mp4
  • USB cable
  • Music (I prefer Bach or any classical music for the best development)
  • Patience

(In the picture are my plant's brothers: Kevin and John.)

Step 3: Place the Plants and Other Advices...

1. Choose a bright place for your plants and place them there.

2. Place there the speakers, too.

(Note: The minimum distance between the plants and the speakers is 30 cm=11,8 inch).

3. Download some classical music from the Internet and put the music to your mobile phone/ tablet / mp3 / mp4.

4. Connect your phone / tablet / mp3 / mp4 with an USB cable to your speaker and start the music.

5. Optimize the volume (don't be very noisy)

6. Love your plant. It will thank you.

So, I think the music is power. And not only for the humans. Here's another documentation: click here

Another fact. I've got an orchid, too. It hasn’t bloomed. Never. And when I started to listen classical music, what's happened? My orchid has rebloom. And now it's got four flowers. That's crazy. But I like it.



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Wow looks like there was real difference, this is so cool! Thanks for sharing you knowledge!