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Introduction: Stove From Barrels

About: I enjoy building things.

I built this stove in 2010 and I have been using it ever since.

Step 1: Cutting and Welding

First I modified the barrels .

Step 2: Cutting and Placing Bricks

Then I cut and placed the bricks.

Step 3: Ready for Heating

It was then ready for heating.

Two years ago someone I know built this stove using these pictures as a guide .

He uses it to heat up his quail farm.

Step 4: Update 1

Yesterday (25.11.2014) I made some new pictures for you to see how it looks stove after three winters.

Step 5: Update 2

I made a sketch of the stove so that you see the look on the inside.

With this stove I heat a space of 60 square meters (646 square foot) or rather 150 m (5,300 cubic foot).

If outside is -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 Fahrenheit), inside are 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 Fahrenheit).

The workshop I heat has plank walls of 2.5 cm (1 inch) and polystyrene insulation of 3 cm (1.2 inch). So it is not very isolated.

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Wow what a really nicely engineered stove! I too recently built one OUTSIDE! Because I fear of burning my house down AND I want unattended burning, this is mine:

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Thank you very much ! Yours look professional, mine I made from scrap :)

I built one of these type of stoves years ago. Worked very well until it burnt my house down. BE CAREFUL!

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The stove is used for heating the workshop. It is started only when I work in that workshop. The stove never work alone and I do not ever overload. Always when I leave the workshop, I stop the fire.

Thanks for Comment :)

Really nice but fortunately I moved to Thailand and don't need a heater/stove anymore :-)

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Very interesting !! you did not show how you made the "chicanes" (i.e., STEP5 Update 2) (I do not know the english word...).

Congratulations !!

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I think the english word would be labyrinth.

When I built the stove, I did not know that I'll upload pictures on Instructables.

If I knew I was taking more pictures.

Thank you !

I really like your design. Having the two sections vertical and able to be easily disassembled is a great idea and a space saver vs the typical stacked horizontal arrangement. Have you considered adding an air vent for secondary combustion in the space between the lower two baffles? You may be able to more completely burn the volatiles and keep the upper barrel and smokestack clean of creosote.

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Thank you very much ! Before building a second stove, I will take into account all comments.

While these stove can get very hot and can be adapted to different fuels they burn very fast and thus require frequent refueling. If you were to adapt a four inch stove pipe on top at the exit point and add about six inches of pipe and insert a damper you could control the rate of burn by simply turning the damper on or off. This would save a lot of reloading and also control your heat flow. I have used Wood heaters for a long time and cutting and loading a heater is a chore so you learn quickly the best way. These drum heaters are very effective but as with any open flame caution is always advised and a damper will give you an extra measure of control. Most hardware stores will have them can show you how to install.

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"cutting and loading a heater is a chore"

Yes this is how wood stoves warm you up twice :-) But a damper is a very good idea!

Sorry about the delay, in the village where I live was a blackout for 35 hours.

Thanks for the tips. I'll keep them in mind when I build next stove.

I built this stove, especially to burn wood waste.

Cool! Or I should say Warm!
Especially the 5th step, I'm sure it increases the efficiency.
Have you tried to place a fan pointing at the upper barrel from a higher position?
That could extract even more calories from the fumes before they enter the chimney.

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Thank you ! I'll keep your advice in mind, to the next stove.