Stranger Things - GarageBand Tutorial





Introduction: Stranger Things - GarageBand Tutorial

In this tutorial series, you will learn some of the basics of GarageBand and how to completely recreate the intro song to Stranger Things all with the instruments used in GarageBand.

Step 1: Listen to the Finished Product

Stranger Things - Remake by Zapps

Step 2: Garage Band - Stranger Things

Be sure to watch each video consecutively, in order to get all of the instruments, and pieces put together!

** For the instrument "Buzzing Metalic Lead", it was reported by others that it has been removed from the GarageBand Library for them as well. Included in the description, is a link to the original .band file of the Stranger Things track that I created (and a picture of my cat). If you go to the section of the instrument in that song, you can solo it, and export that section as an audio file and import it into your version, as it apparently does not exist anymore**

Step 3: Check Out the Original Files



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