This is an instructable for how to make a cheap cable management sleeve using a straw. It's a good way to re-use some unwanted rubbish and tidy up your cables at the same time.

I recently built a low budget I3 Prusa 3D printer using parts sourced from cheap suppliers in Taiwan and plastic components printed by my friend. Since I was building it cheaply, I decided to think of some creative ways to manage the cables, and straw seemed like the best solution.

I've also been using a few straws to manage various arduino projects where I've got wires everywhere!

Step 1: Cut the Straw

Make a 45° cut, gradually rotating the straw as you go.

Step 2: Wind the Straw Around the Desired Cables

Bunch the cables together and attached a zip tie (optional), then wind the cut straw around the cables gradually moving down the cables at every rotation. Finally, either attach another straw to continue bunching the cables together or use a zip tie to secure the straw (optional).

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