Step 2: Launcher

To make the launcher all you have to do is first, cut off the point on the skewer and then push it into the knob. If you dont have a knob then crumple up a piece of paper and tape it to the end of the skewer.
<p>Great project, made with my daughter for a science experiment. We made some adjustment to launcher and made 3 different rocket designs. Thanks</p>
cool , I told my classmates about it we also have a war or rockets every Monday :)
<p>totoly man i'm in your class</p>
<p>i only have one eye now::::(</p>
<p>i have only one eye now</p>
I like this. hehe
thats awsome! nice instructable!
i made 5 and shot them at my friend good thing they dont hurt
now this is cool

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