Picture of Straw Wars / Blow Dart / Rocket Launcher
Kids will have loads of fun blowing "darts" or launching rockets.

Make sure you check out the game "Straw Wars" we made up using the "darts".

Choking hazard. Not for small children. Adult supervision recommended.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Straws of two different sizes
-We went to Wal-Mart and The Dollar Store

Plastic end caps
-Found at home improvement stores

You can easily get these but if you don't have the time to find the parts we sell them at as a kit. Also sells straw rocket kits and sells a very powerful launcher.

Step 2: Build Your Dart / Rocket

Picture of Build Your Dart / Rocket
Simply put your end caps onto the straws. Make sure they fit snugly.

*If you have bendy straws put the caps on the bendy side. Easier to launch that way. We figured that out after this picture of course.

Snugly, bendy are such cute words ;-)

Step 3: Prepare for Launch

Picture of Prepare for Launch
The launcher is the one that is longer and skinnier then the others. Place your dart / rocket (straw with the cap on it) onto the longer, skinnier straw.

Step 4: Shoot Your Dart / Launch Your Rocket

Picture of Shoot Your Dart / Launch Your Rocket
Place the launcher into mouth.

Adjust as needed to get the rocket in just the right spot.

Blow into the straw hard.

Rocket / Dart will fly pretty far depending on your lung capacity.

Step 5: The Making Of Straw Wars

Picture of The Making Of Straw Wars
Straw Wars can be played with up to four teams. A red, blue, yellow, and green team.

Make four sets of straws and launchers. Make sure that the launcher color matches the darts. If you have a larger group then four people, just make more darts. All red darts with red launcher will be on same team, all green on green team, etc.
Great idea. Nice game.
Thank you!