Straw Horn





Introduction: Straw Horn

This is a cool horn my siance teach showed me how to make

Step 1: Stuff

Stuff you need

1. 1 straw
2. something to cut with
3. wholepunchers

Step 2: Cut a V Shape

Flaten one end of the straw then cut a v shape at the end where u flatted it.

Step 3: Wholepunch

now fold the straw and punch 3 wholes in it. but not to deep in the straw

Step 4: How to Blow

put your lips over the point push down and blow. It takes practiced dont give up



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    ROFL! Oh my god, this thing is awesome. My brother found some kittens, and they were sleeping on his bed, and I went in there and blew the horn, and they all jumped like 2 feet in the air all synchronized and darted under his dresser! LOL Oh man, I can't stop laughing right now. Amazing, 5*, 5*!!

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    didnt work, now I got a headache....

    I took another straw of the same size and cut a small slit in the end, and put it into the first straw and now its really bassy!


    11 years ago

    It helps (for me) to kind of hum into the straw.

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    your supposed to the V shape at the end acts as a reed and vibrates and if u hum then its likely to sound better

    ok,y would u care about his spelling the whole purpose is to learn how to build something.and also we r supposed to be possitive with our comments.just so u know.

    I'm tired of reading comments regarding incorrect English. Take the instructable for what it's worth. Shadymilkman, to correct your posting.....Keep making instructables however, anything is appreciated. The word "however" needs a comma before and this, ",however," ...

    Your English teacher obviously didn't show you this. I'm sorry, your probably young, but please, use a dictionary or don't be afraid to ask somebody how to spell. Keep making instructables however, anything is appreciated.

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    ha ha sarcy! that was the 1st thing i thought too, b4 i'd even got to the end of the sentance, and then i saw your 1st 3 words and straight away it made me laugh b4 i'd evenread the rest of your sentance, cos it was exactly what i thought of. good instructable though! (",) i made one yrs ago, way back in school but had totally forgotten about them till now. will be making one the next time i visit mcdonalds now. nice one, thanks for the flashback

    I make these every year with my science classes. Since they are reed instruments, I call them "straw oboes". These are easiest to play if you gently squeeze the straw flatter (with your lips), just behind the cut reeds. If you find two straws that fit snugly, one inside another, you can make a "slide oboe". It's very funny if you make one with no holes, blow a long steady note, and keep snipping small pieces off the end - it's amazing how short an oboe you can get a note out of. Oh, and in the UK, McDonalds' straws are about the best for the job.

    but it's NOT a flute. It's got a double-reed.

    I think you should point out that for the hole punching you fold the straw because I didn't realize for a while.