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Introduction: Straw Shrimp

I'll show you how to make a shrimp out of a bending straw. Its very simple and takes less than five minutes to make it.

Step 1: Materials

you are going to need only three things:

* A bending straw
* Scissors
* A permanent marker

You also are going to need to know the parts of the straw, check the second image to do so.

* Every time it says UP we are talking about the external side of the straw, and the inner side everytime says DOWN.

* The reference point is always the bending of the straw. Its easyer if you work with the straw on the straight possition rather than with a bended one. Its up to you how to use it.

Step 2: Tail

we'll start making the tail because its easier. For this part de are going to use the shorter staw and we'll cut as shown un the image. Then we'll fold out the tail and fold again following the lines in orange on the picture. Don't use the marker on this step.

Step 3: Head

This step is a little tricky but its really easy. Whithout using marker cut as shown on the image the larger part of the straw.

Use the marker to draw the shrimp eyes.

Step 4: Vend

At this point you can bend the straw, doit carefully, if you did right the previous step you don't want to ruin your work by pulling too hard. Also the head is a little sharppie now.

Step 5: Final Step

You are done, you can use your shrimp to play in a glass of water or whatever.

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Really nice. I'd like to see some other creatures like this.

Such a fun and clever idea. Thank you for documenting it so clearly and sharing!

I actually don't know, I just had the straw on my bed table

Very cute and clever, I made three since I liked the idea so much.

Thanks, its very kind of you. I just realized you can have a more realistic appearance if you cut the excess of the bending tube in diagonal to the tail, and also squeeze a little the shrimp by the sides to make it a little flat.

Hope you got fun doing your shrimps!!


Hi, i dont understand what you mean by cutting hte excess of hte bending tube in diagonal to the tail. Have you got a photo or sketch by any chance. Dying to try it with my kid. :-)

I think I could flatten them a bit more, but either way, love it!


A strange, and yet truly awesome instructable. Nice job on this one!

I'm thinking the exact same thing