Strawbee Paper-Bar Spheres



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Introduction: Strawbee Paper-Bar Spheres

Strawbees are a brilliant construction toy usually used for connecting straws to build many creative things (bridges, isometric shapes, toy animals, etc.). Here I add my own "Strawbee Bars" and contstruct card-stock spheres.

Required Items:

  • card stock
  • scissors
  • printer
  • Strawbees

Optional (getting fancy) items:

  • to make a chain
    • hot-glue gun (for hot-gluing Strawbee connectors together)
  • to add LEDs
    • conductive copper tape
    • LEDs
    • multimeter (just to check conductivity)
    • button cell batteries
Submitted as part of the May 2015 Strawbees Build Night which was held at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, Massachusetts.
#buildnight #strawbees #StrawbeesBuildNight

Step 1: Print Out and Cut the Strawbee Cardstock Bars

Print out and cut the Strawbee Cardstock Bars

Form into spheres

Use creative ways to connect spheres together into chains or other shapes

Try hot-gluing Strawbees together (into a two hole one leg Strawbee) to make a Strawbee sphere chain.



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