Strawberry-Basil Gin





Introduction: Strawberry-Basil Gin

Making your own infusions is fun, simple (usually), and in the process, you create a piece of home decor for your kitchen! Berries go well with basil, and who doesn't love strawberries?

Step 1: The Basil...

In a quart-sized jar, throw in about half of a cup of bruised fresh basil. Pour a 750ml bottle of gin over it. Let it sit for two to three days, or until desired taste is reached, shaking the jar gently a couple times per day.

Step 2: The Strawberries...

After you've you've reached the desired taste of the basil-infused gin, remove the basil and add as many quartered strawberries as you can before the jar overflows. Let sit for another 3-4 days, or until you've reached a desired taste. Gently shake the jar a couple times per day.

Step 3: Strain and Filter...

After you've reached the desired taste for your strawberry a basil gin, strain into another container, then use coffee filters to filter out the strawberry sediment. Use your infusion in your favorite gin cocktails, gifts for friends/family, or straight up, on the rocks, or neat! Don't toss the leftover strawberries, either. Use them as a topping for vanilla ice cream!



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