Step 3: Step 3

Trim the bottom piece into a snowflaky shape.  The small box in the bottom left corner shows how to attach the wire to hang it with.  If you do that at this step, (I didn't!) the wire will get painted over and won't show.
Very clever!
thanks sunshine!
Clever and pretty!
Thanks ChrysN- sorry this reply is so late- hope your Holidays were full of snowflakes (not snowstorms!).
Very good idea. I believe I'm going to use it! Thanks!
thanks mapplegate- happy holidays!
Brilliant!!!!! We will be making these at reCREATE this weekend! <br>http://www.recreate.org
Thanks EcoDonna- glad those strawberry baskets have found a purpose for their little plastic lives!
Genius! Genius genius genius.
Thanks scoochmaroo- the idea has been in my head for ages, but it's taken the contests and fun stuff to finally get me motivated!

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