Strawberry Cream




Introduction: Strawberry Cream

Sometime you don't have enough time or supplies to make, hmm.., Mousse or ganache? This recipe is quick, easy and require only 2 ingredient, Actually, I also need vanilla extract but with the spirit of two ingredient, Just go on with more cream..

Okay, let's start.

Step 1: Whipping Cream

you will need
- 8 strawberries
- 1/2 cup sweetened non-dairy cream

Chop about 5 strawberries into small pieces

Whip sweetened non dairy until foamy and smooth (or dairy if you'd like) chilled for 5-10 min, devide in half and fold into chopped strawberry until smooth, add another half whipped cream and stir in.

press remaining strawberries with spoon or thumb into cream, stir into it.

when your cream is smooth and creamy, chilled for an hour.

And your strawberry cream is ready! I use it for cake filling and topping, if you freeze it in freezer it could turn to creamy ice-cream :)



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