Step 1: Prep Your Strawberries

Wash, hull and quarter your strawberries

Step 2: Mash Strawberries

Using a potato masher, crush your strawberries

Step 3: Adding Sugar

Add one cup of sugar per cup of mashed strawberries and add lemon juice

Step 4: Boil

Bring to a rolling boil and cook down until mixture is reduced by half

Step 5: Can and Boil Jars

Place jam into mason jars and run 10 minutes in a water bath

Step 6: Enjoy!

Place on toast and enjoy!
<p>This was every bit as good as it looks and SO easy!!!! Thanks :) One quart of mashed strawberries made about 2 cups. I used a ninja to chop them and it turned out great.</p>
So glad you liked it! Thanks for the ninja recommendation. :)
<p>This looks delicious! Now to go make some homemade peanut butter to go with it!</p>

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