Strawberry Jello Fig Preserves





Introduction: Strawberry Jello Fig Preserves

3 c. soft ripe figs,mashed

2 c. sugar

6 oz strawberry Jello

Mix all together and cook 30-45 minutes. Put in hot sterilized jars and seal. Hot water bath for 15 minutes. Tastes just like strawberry preserves.

Step 1:



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    I love this recipe and make it for my son each year! It is not a canning safe recipe though and with the jello it needs to be frozen to store.

    I have always put my Fig Preserves in a cool place in my basement and have never had a problem. They are gone from the shelf so fast I have never worried. Thank you for your advice. I will surely look into freezing them too.

    I apologize!! I just found the recipe on Which is one of the most trusted safe canning sites. They talk about water bathing it which means its shelf stable.

    Thank you for checking on that. Any information with canning is appreciated.

    Can also be made raspberry flavor with raspberry jello. to make it safe use hot water bath for 15 min.

    Thank you for mentioning the hot water bath too. I did a batch with Peach Jello this evening and it came out delicious. Its the greatest recipe. Easy and everyone loves it no matter which flavor of jello you add. Great Christmas presents too.

    Sounds like a delicious combination. Hope you win!

    Thank you so much. When we meet up for lunch one day I will bring you a jar.

    Interesting recipe! I've never heard of figs used like this. Thanks for sharing :)

    You can use other flavors of Jello too, blackberry etc. Easy and delicious.