Palkova/Milk Peda is very famous in Southern part of India. The place Chithode (near Erode) Aavin dairy is very famous for this palkova n after coming to Chennai I knew Srivilliputhur also famous for it. This dessert is purely based on milk and sugar. The traditional palkova is made by reducing the whole milk in medium flame, it’s a very time consuming process. I made it simple by adding milk powder and condensed milk which can be done in 10mins. I decided to prepare a guilt free sweet so I used nonfat dairy milk powder and fat free condensed milk to get the exact taste. Also I added Strawberry syrup to make it healthier.This tasted great with strawberry syrup, u can prepare the syrup a day before too.

Step 1:


Strawberry - 10 Numbers

Nonfat Instant dry milk powder/Mawa - 1 Cup (I used nonfat milk powder)

Fat free Sweetened Condensed Milk - 1/2 Cup

•Wash n Hull the strawberries (Remove the green stem), chop it.
•In a sauce pan just immerse the berries with water + a tbsp of sugar Pic 1.
•Boil in medium flame for 5-7mins or till berries mashes well Pic 2.

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