This mocktail recipe utilizes the pineapple to make a beautiful drink that looks great, tastes wonderful, and is really easy to make!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:
Strawberry Daiquiri (frozen mix, preferably)
Colored Straws

Also, you will need a sharp knife, a blender, some kind of scoop for the pineapple (an ice cream scoop works well, or alternately, a strong spoon) a pitcher, and a cutting board.

Start with premixing your Strawberry Daiquiri, and crushing your ice.
so amazing!!
<p>Thanks! Yours look awesome!</p>
Kudos, what a wonderful serving preparation :)<br> <br> A<br>
:) Thanks!
You Could Put Wooden Kebab Skewers Through The Top Into The Base Great Ible
Or make a notch in the Pineapple so the top is aligned with the bottom<br>Cheers!
This looks great! I'm going out to buy a pineapple tomorrow :D
Cool - don't forget to take pictures and share!!
I didn't see this before :O Looks tasty!
Gorgeous! Certainly has my vote.
Thanks!<br />
&nbsp;Fantastic! You have my vote too!
Yay!<br />

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