Step 4: Prepare the Top of the Pineapple (optional)

You want to be able to put two straws through the top, right? Then this step is for you!

I found that using a bottle opener worked well for marking the exact spot you want to cut through, but a paring knife works, too.

Decide where you want your straws and make a mark in each spot. Cut through the spot with your paring knife and hollow it out.

Repeat with the other hole.
so amazing!!
<p>Thanks! Yours look awesome!</p>
Kudos, what a wonderful serving preparation :)<br> <br> A<br>
:) Thanks!
You Could Put Wooden Kebab Skewers Through The Top Into The Base Great Ible
Or make a notch in the Pineapple so the top is aligned with the bottom<br>Cheers!
This looks great! I'm going out to buy a pineapple tomorrow :D
Cool - don't forget to take pictures and share!!
I didn't see this before :O Looks tasty!
Gorgeous! Certainly has my vote.
Thanks!<br />
&nbsp;Fantastic! You have my vote too!
Yay!<br />

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