Strawberry Sugar





Introduction: Strawberry Sugar

Flavored sugars are a great way to add more complexity and flavor to a dish. It also makes a nice and colorful addition to fruity drinks. Super easy to make and great for gifts. Great for flavoring homemade candies!

Step 1: BoM

Sugar (whatever kind you like, I use cane)

Freeze dried strawberries

Blender/food processor/grinder of some sort

Airtight container

4 teaspoons of powdered fruit to 1 cup of sugar seems to be a good ratio. But obviously, increase or decrease depending on your preferences.

Step 2: Strawberries

Blend/grind your freeze dried strawberries into a fine powder. I chose to grind the strawberries by hand because I had such a small amount, it didn't seem worth using my Vitamix. You can find freeze dried strawberries in most stores, mine came from Trader Joe's.

Step 3: Sugar

Add the strawberries to your sugar and mix well. Taste test to determine if you need more strawberry or not.

Step 4: Store

Keep the strawberry sugar in an airtight container. This sugar should last 2-3 months.



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    Y'know, I bet you could do the same thing with freeze-dried blueberries, and maybe even freeze-dried ice cream!