This instructable will show you how to whiten your teeth with strawberries!

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: SMASH

Mash up the strawberries in a bowl.

Step 3: Bakin Soda

Add baking soda to the mixture. About 1 teaspoon.

Step 4: Tooth

Apply mixture to toothbrush.

Step 5: Almost There!!

Apply the mixture to your teeth and wait 5 MINUTES. I know 5 min. That is a LONG wait!

Step 6: Rinse

Rinse your mouth with water!

Step 7: Brushing

Brush your teeth with regular toothpaste!

Step 8: Enjoy

Enjoy your whiter smile!
yes they are suppose too!
Do the straw berries just take away the baking soda taste?
nd thank you so mich for following me
Cool Thanks! <br>
So it doesn't matter what toothpaste you use?

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