This is a recipe for my homemade Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream with Balsamic Vinegar. I know it sounds crazy to put Balsamic Vinegar on Ice Cream. It took some convincing for me to try it as well, but I sure am glad I did! My family recently went on a vacation to Hilton Head, South Carolina. While we were there I found a little shop called the Oilerie . They primarily sold flavored olive oils, but the store had a Balsamic Vinegar that was aged 25 years. I bought a bottle and they asked if I had ever tried it on Vanilla Ice Cream or Strawberries. I had heard of it but never tried it. When I got home I was thinking of a way to use it and thought of this. I really enjoyed it! If you are ever in Hilton Head, check out the Oilerie! This place was awesome!! You can sample all of their oils. They will bottle & cork whatever you like on the spot. Very Cool Place!! Thanks for checking this out!! I hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: ​Ingredients

Here is what you will need:

4 Eggs (yolks only)

2 Vanilla Bean Pods

1 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Honey

1 Pint Whole Milk

1 Pint Half & Half

1 Pint Heavy Cream

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

1 Pint Strawberries

Good Balsamic Vinegar (Watch out for the cheap stuff. It isn't always very good.)

<p>Thank you for the Instructable, I love it especially when use pure vanilla beans.</p>
<p>I like your Instructable</p><p>Thank you so much for sharing</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>I am glad you enjoyed!! Thanks for looking.</p>
<p>Very cool to be chosen as a winner!! Thanks everyone!!!</p>
<p>Oh Yeah! THX!!</p>
You can also cook down the balsamic, which will make it a lot sweeter, and thicker.
<p>I did make a reduction as well but I kinda enjoyed the tartness of the Balsamic straight out of the bottle.</p>

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