Strawberry and Banana Slush Smoothie

Picture of Strawberry and Banana Slush Smoothie
This is a really tasty summer treat, that is sort of healthy and really easy, quick & fun to make!

200g Fresh strawberries
150g Frozen strawberries
1 whole banana
350ml White grape juice with peach

These are very much open to your tastes, and I generally do it by eye!
In the frozen section of my supermarket they do frozen fruits, I found a frozen strawberry and banana mix, but they also have other berries that would work nicely, or you can freeze your own the day before! The juice I found in the store was a grape and peach - which is nice - but again use what you have.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Wash the fresh strawberries, and chop the green bits off the them.
Peel the banana
aulee2 years ago
super awsome
Oh, those strawberries are so deliciously red! I love how you used frozen fruit to mix! Wonderful :D