Strawberry and Banana Slush Smoothie

Picture of Strawberry and Banana Slush Smoothie
This is a really tasty summer treat, that is sort of healthy and really easy, quick & fun to make!

200g Fresh strawberries
150g Frozen strawberries
1 whole banana
350ml White grape juice with peach

These are very much open to your tastes, and I generally do it by eye!
In the frozen section of my supermarket they do frozen fruits, I found a frozen strawberry and banana mix, but they also have other berries that would work nicely, or you can freeze your own the day before! The juice I found in the store was a grape and peach - which is nice - but again use what you have.
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Step 3: Consume!

Picture of Consume!
There should be enough to make 2 or 3 servings from the mix, I added a stirrer and a straw!!

You could also put the mix into a lolly mould with a stick - and make a tasty ice lolly!
Sometimes I like to add vodka for a refreshing cocktail!

aulee1 year ago
super awsome
Oh, those strawberries are so deliciously red! I love how you used frozen fruit to mix! Wonderful :D