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Introduction: Strawberry and Cream Flowers

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These cute flowers are so easy to make.

You can use whipped cream, custard, vanilla pudding, cream cheese cream, or even yogurt.

Step 1: Ingredients

Super simple as you will only need:

Chocolate chips

A box of instant pudding such as Jell-o, prepare as directed on the box

And fresh strawberries

While pudding is chilling in the fridge, melt chocolate chips on microwave at 30 seconds intervals

Pour melted chocolate into ziploc bag, and snip with scissor on one end.

Pipe leaves on parchment paper as shown on picture, place in fridge f0r 15 minutes.

Wash clean and pat dry strawberries, take off the green stems/leaves.

Step 2: Preparing the Flowers

Pour pudding into another ziploc, and snip the end as well.

Attach 3 chocolate leaves with a dab of chocolate and place them on serving plate.

Take a strawberry, slice horizontal as shown, then slice vertical, then slice angles left and right (just like you would slicing a round pie or a round cake), all these slices must not cut through. Then slowly open each 'petal' down. Repeat steps with other strawberries.

Place strawberry flowers on chocolate leaves and pipe pudding/cream cheese cream/whipped cream/yogurt/custard in the center.



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    When I saw this beautiful creation, it's not for show, it's to eat! Two contests showed up. If you can I think you need to put them in both!

    this has been entered for summer food and drink contest as well to wedding contest. are these the two contests you were thinking?

    Yes, those are the two.

    You have a great idea and its my moms b-day today and I put it on her cake I made and this is what it looks like

    15, 10:16 AM.jpg

    looks awesome!!! Thank you for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mom :)

    This is so pretty! You should enter it in the Weddings Contest. It would make a great decoration on a cake.

    thank you for the suggestion!