Strawberry Cheesecake Shot





Introduction: Strawberry Cheesecake Shot

I dont drink alcohol, however I like making drinks with it and having people test for me because other peoples' ideas are more effective on improvement than my own. 

This is very simple. 
You need:
 2 oz Cream cheese or try my homemade italian mascarpone (i have an instructable)
Strawberry jelly
Cream, I used whipped cream in the can because im out of everything else but Soy milk
.5 oz vodka
.5 oz butter schnopps
Your serving glass, a large shot glass, but no highball glasses ...

Step 1:

Mix  your cream cheese and whipped cream together. The point of this is to make the cream cheese thinner, if you have a better way of doing this please let me know?!

Step 2:

Mix your vodka and scnapps and a spoonfull of strawberry jelly into a tumbler...

Step 3:

Serve with some whipped cream ontop, hard to see because of the lighting compared to the light pink colored drink and enjoy your adult cheesecake drink!



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    Look's tasty :D tanks for sharing