Picture of Strawbots: Harvey 2.0
Harvey 2.0 is the third member to join the STRAWBOTS family. He takes a little more time to build, but the effort is worth it. Dont forget to check out the behind the scenes action of Harvey 2.0 being animated, as well as his debut animation.

Please download and print the templates to get started.

You can build your very own Harvey 2.0 STRAWBOT with this short list of materials and tools:

  1. Harvey's black straws
  2. Standard 1/4" flexible straws
  3. Sip straws 1/8" (for claws) 
  4. Craft foam (any colour you choose)
  5. Hair Elastics
  1. Hole punches (1/4", 1/8")
  2. Exacto-knife
  3. Scissors
Please note that the tutorial videos start after all of the pieces have been cut out. I'm relying on you to accurately cut and punch out the pieces using the provided templates. For a few added suggestions, you might want to check out my Instructables Robot Strawbot.

I am so gonna make this! great instructable!

ucn made it!8 months ago

What an incredible concept, and thanks for making these plans available here. It was a fun build, all in one rainy afternoon. My strawbot is named Skip, after the SKP brand of straws I found. Skip's got a life of his own, and is now off riding my stuffed camel like a rodeo.

I'll have to find better quality bendy straws to replace the house-brand cheapy straws I bought. They bend once, and then get premature arthritis. :(

Skip the Strawbot (3)_568x1000.jpgSkip the Strawbot (1)_1000x619.jpgSkip the Strawbot (2)_1000x853.jpg
Elomar Xavier ucn5 months ago

The silicon elastics get dry some time later, it's normal, so, we have to change them... My brother told me, I gave him my first model because I couldn't carry it to my home, didn't have space in the bag.

BATMANluc1 year ago
How tall did it end up being?

About 30cm

Elomar Xavier made it!1 year ago

Well... It's a nice and cheap model, but very funny... I admit it! I had lot's of troubles with the materials I used, some were not so resistent, but the good part of the project is that it's easly adjustble. Awesome model!! Thanks and Congrats! Had a nice time doing it with my cousin.

coolman 342 years ago
Is there any easier way to cut the foam.
Mr. Noack (author)  coolman 342 years ago
Do you mean for mass production? I was considering getting steel rule dies made, so I could cut patterns with a press. Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to start up Strawbots.com

A good pair of scissors with the full set of circular punches is the best way. Trust me, I made a lot of these things.

Consider 3D printing. Glad to see someone else making strawbots. I built some strawbots using straws as exoskeletons. http://members.shaw.ca/calf/index.html It takes a lot of work to be consistent so that parts are modular. I'm looking at 3D printing for consistency and ease of reproduction. I used "muscle wires" for animation. While powerful for strength to weight ratio, they do require a bit of power but they give a real cool biomimetic effect.

me encanta!

jakepark2 years ago
this is so cool!!!!!!!!
erwxyz3 years ago
Mr. Noack, this is a BRILLIANT Instructable and I just LOVE the factory-like look of them Strawbots!
Mr. Noack (author)  erwxyz3 years ago
Thank you Sir! Congrats on your first instructable. Not a bad start out of the blocks. Keep up the great work.
Btw, what sze paper did you use for printing?
Mr. Noack (author)  erwxyz2 years ago
Just 8.5 x 11.
You're welcome, Thank you and yeah I will. And I have half a mind to start building my first Strawbot...
A really innovative and interesting project, nicely documented. Thanks for sharing it.

Not having "Harveys" here in the UK I'd have to find an alternative source for straws, but I wonder if "chopsticks" might be workable, I think they're about the same size, though the weight distribution might be tricky. Bamboo Skewers, Coffee Stirrers and cardboard also might be suitable alternative materials, though they'd have a very different aesthetic.
Mr. Noack (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
I'm planning on unveiling strawbots.com in the coming months so that kits will be available online. Meanwhile..... I'm developing more models.
Can you make a small model that's quick and easy to make.
McDonalds straws work well and are the same size as harvey straws.

Mr. Noack (author)  NanoRobotGeek3 years ago
Good to know!
Tom11213 years ago
Can we also use toothpicks instead of 1/8 in straws?
Mr. Noack (author)  Tom11213 years ago
You can use any suitable replacement. However, toothpicks are typically closer to 1/16" in diameter.
joen3 years ago
Oh dear! Is this the beginning of the cyber-men? LOL
ncc 17013 years ago
wow. just, wow.
ilpug3 years ago
Oh wow this is brilliant. I love this little guy!
Mr. Noack (author)  ilpug3 years ago