This is very handy if you didn't buy a large memory card for your device and you have a huge amount of music. You need to have a wireless network if you want to do this. You don't have to configure a web server or anything.

Step 1: Get Everything

Download the two things on the first page and install the "dotnetfx" and the other file in that order. If needed update your psp to 2.70 or higher. To check what version you have go to "settings" scroll to system settings then scroll to system information and click that, your number will be next to system software. If it's lower than 2.70 go to your setting menu and click network update.


I just wanted to ask--OMG IS THAT A Palm M100? I used to have one...and I used to love/hate it. I got mine back in the day (like 10 years ago probably) and I used to play asteroids on it in the morning with it's greenish backlit screen on the school bus. Memories.
OMG I just tried this on my PSP-1001, and it works great =D, after rearranging my hard connections going into the router, restarting the network like no tomorrow, and try endless amounts of different techniques i finally got one :D thanks :D
video file types ? format supported?
You can get music anywhere there is an internet connection with PSPradio. It had over a hundred channels with over 10 genres to choose from. It is awesome. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://pspupdates.qj.net/index.php?pg=49&aid=88208">LINK</a><br/>
i have a 2.71 psp, will it work on that with out me "hacking" and possibly bricking my psp?
you can brick a psp but then just unbrick it pandoras battery just came out and it lets you unbrick a PSP
thanks for the info
The downgrade from 2.71 to 1.50 is one of the easiest to do. All you do is put some files on your memory stick and then go look at a certain photo and it will install firmware 1.50. Pretty much the only way you can brick ur PSP while trying to downgrade is when the PSP shuts off during the downgrade or if you get a version of the downgrader that was altered to specifically brick the PSP. Get it from a legit site like dl.qj.net . If you do brick, you can use the pandoras battery like Joey said. You will need to find somebody who has a homebrew enabled PSP. They will put your battery in their PSP, execute a program. From what I understand, the program changes a number in a little tiny memory built into the battery to zeros. They also put some files on the memory stick. When the PSP is turning on, it will read the zeros from the battery's memory (which means it's in service mode) and it will load from the memory stick instead of the built in NAND on the PSP. From there you install fw 1.50
PSPRadio is a homebrew, for your information.
I can NEVER get it to work. No channels appear! (PSPRadio)
It'll only work if you're on firmware 1.50 or any custom firmware version.
Wow, almost a year later :P But I think I did get it to work at some point. I know for a fact that I had either 1.50 or some custom firmware when I tried it. When I first got my PSP as firmware 2.70, I had downgraded it within a week (2.71, then 1.50). The first homebrew I tried was YAHP 7 or 8 (Yet Another Homebrew Pack). It had a few emulators and some games.
Nice. I'm glad people are learning about downgrading n modding stuff |o|. Homebrew FTW! =D<br/>
yes but u can't use your own music
thank you VERY MUCH!!!
will this show every thing on your computer and does the computer have to be on to do this when your accessing it after its installed
You select music files and folders, and yes it has to be on when you do this.
how do i use it after i add the files?
You click the "ip address" button and find the ip address of your computer then you type that in on the internet browser. After that you click the music or audio button and it will ask you if you want to add the rss channel. Click yes. Now go to the "rss channels" and click "music".
kl. Do you have to have a wireless network or just one where your accessing it? can u access it anywhere in the world? and can you connect directly with the host pc if it has wireless without having a wireless netowrk connected to it?
also yes, it works if the host doesn't have wifi, I would imagine it would also work in an direct (Ad-Hoc) connection.
you can access it anywhere you have wifi, BUT you'll have to enter the IP where the host is located, and most likely will have to foward some ports to the host PC. so yes, you can access it anywhere.
yes there is a way to stream the audio without downloading it. instead of browsing the music you add the rss channel
is there a way to make the psp PLAY the music straight from the web or will it always download it?
i did this and it was great, but now it says it failed to communicate with server. i forwarded the port and unfirewalled the program but it didnt seem to help
oh my god i love you. you are the bomb. works like a charm, even syncs w/ itunes. the absolute coolest!

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