Step 3: Configure Xampp/FileZilla

Picture of Configure Xampp/FileZilla
In the Control Panel, next to apache and FileZilla (optional), check the Svc checkbox. This will allow apache and FileZilla to run without logging in, which is important for a headless computer. Then Click the two start buttons next to Apache and FileZilla.

To configure FileZilla, click the Admin button. This will launch the FileZilla admin window. It may ask you for a server and password. Just use for the server and blank for the password.

In the admin panel, click Edit -> Settings, then Admin Interface Settings. Here you have the option to change the Admin password, if you want. Click OK when your done.

Next, you need to add users by clicking Edit-> Users. I’ve only created one user, but you can add more. Type the name of the user, add a password if wanted, and then click on Shared folders. Click Add, and then browse to your xampp\htdocs folder. Once the folder is added, be sure to select the folder permissions. I’ve allowed full access, but you can limit the rights, but you will need at least Read and Write. Click OK to save the settings.

Your ftp server should be setup. To test it, navigate to ftp://My_Name@, or whatever your new user is. If it works, FileZilla is setup. You should be able to see some files like xampp and index.php.

Now, open up a command prompt, and type ipconfig to find out your local ip address. Mine happens to be You can configure your router to fix that ip address, so you don’t have to guess later on what ip address you need to connect to.
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