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Introduction: Streamcloud Video Download

Do you have also the problem, you watch a movie and want to download it ? So in this Instructable I teach you how to Hack an host site like streamcloud.

Enjoy :D

Step 1: Search for Video

First you have to search for a Video with an Hoster like Streamcloud in my case i used

Step 2:

Wait for some seconds and open then the Consol. Than you the thing i have marked in the Pic and click on the video

Step 3: The Link

you just have to do what i marked in the Pic again

Step 4: Save It

Save the Video and you are Finish

Leave a comment an Bye Bye :D



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    Thanks, bro. It's a useful tip! I also use Free HD Video Converter Factory to save online movies. Just copy and paste the link into the program to convert any online videos to MP4, MP3 and so on.