Introduction: Streamer Photo Back Drop

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I was throwing a dinner party and wanted to do something to make it special. I put together this streamer backdrop for the party. Everyone had a wonderful time taking photos.

Gather your materials!

We bought all our supplies for under $25 (most of it from the dollar store).

10 Rolls of streamers

1 Roll of duck tape

1 Tissue paper pom poms


Step 1: Measure & Cut

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STEP 1: Determine the length needed to cover your wall. For us it was just under 6 feet. (Watch the video above for extra tips). Throw the streamers back and forth and cut the ends to create strips.

Then cut a piece of duck tape and lay it on the floor face up. Layer the streamers on the duck tape for more coverage.

Step 2: Duck Tape Your Streamer Wall

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Tape up your strand of streamers, and fix any streamers that have rotated.

Throw the streamers back and forth and make 2 more "sheets" of streamers.

Then I taped some of these pom poms up to make the wall more exciting and colorful. You can add pom poms or other photo props as desired.

Step 3:


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