Streaming Twitch on Your Gopro WIRELESSLY!





Introduction: Streaming Twitch on Your Gopro WIRELESSLY!

Attempting to LiveStream my Parkour teams work in the Gymnastics gym, I needed to find a way to use my GoPro, because my webcam really was not cutting it. But the GoPro does not allow for USB--> Video. Nor do i have a $100++ HDMI Capture card. So i found a way to make it all work like it's NOT SUPPOSED TO! =D

A) Gopro Hero 3 / Gopro with Wifi
B) a Laptop (The Better the Laptop, The Better the quality)
with both WIFI and Ethernet connections. Ethernet for Internet connection and Wifi to see the GoPro
C) VLC Player
D) Open Broadcaster Software

Step 1: Setup the Gopro


Do All Necessary updates and Wifi Setup for your Gopro, If you can already attach your gopro to a Mobile device then you are ok.

Make sure to set your gopro's wifi to ON! if its not broadcasting wifi it wont work!

Connect your Laptop to your Gopro - Search for the Wifi Signal, then when it asks for the password put it in.

Step 2: Browse to the GoPro!

Open a Web Browser and browse to 
This is the Devices IP Adress.

Follow the folders: Live --> Then go to the second file named amba.m3u8

Then copy the full URL of that  amba.m3u8 webpage.


Now with VLC player installed, Go to the Media tab and click "Open Network Stream" (ctrl+N)
and Paste the URL that is given to you from the amba.m3u8 webpage and CLICK PLAY!
 You Should now be watching your gopro livestream!

Step 4: Start Up the Livestream Software

If you havent already download or whatever streaming softrware you would like. 

This will allow you to do an option of "Window Capture" which allows for any program currently running to be viewed. 

You will need to find your Stream key for your twitch account to be able to let the software communicate with the livestream


Go into Broadcaster's settings and paste in your Key

Step 5: LiveStream Settings and Quality

Configure your settings accordingly. the software will help you optimize all possible.
If you need help with this there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. 

After Configuring your Broadcaster settings START THE STREAM!!

Step 6: Live Streams Can Take a While, Dont Let Your Battery DIE!!

I personally Just Ordered a Portable Battery:

And will be mounting my gopro on top of it and this will charge my Gopro Forever ontop of being able to livestream WITH NO WIRES FROM THE CAMERA TO THE COMPUTER!




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    25 Discussions

    I gotten my GoPro to hook up perfectly, but when it is connected, I am unable to connect to the internet to stream games or connect to twitch.
    Is there any app to download that lets me use two networks at once, with Windows 10?

    Nice guide but in order to
    get the best video quality from your GoPro you need to use a wired setup. I can
    record full HD from my GoPro directly to my PC and I can also use my GoPro as a
    webcam in Skype, Facebook Messenger and WebEx. Here's the guide to this setup:

    Just tried this with a hero 3 silver and it sends a link to "Cherokee
    index of" and the live folder is empty, Any thought s here or is this no
    longer a plausible action that the hero 3 silver can do for live

    I tried it with my GoPro Hero Plus but when I go to the URL, the list is empty, there's no amba.m3u8. Any

    1 reply

    Just tried this with a hero 3 silver and it sends a link to "Cherokee index of" and the live folder is empty, Any thought s here or is this no longer a plausible action that the hero 3 silver can do for live streaming???

    Read this article, how to go live via your GoPro camera -

    I know this is an old post....but...I am trying to use this simply to have a live view of the gopro on my screen (sort of as a "jumbotron" at an event). If I view on VLC, the quality is fairly low. Is there a way to improve this? If not, do you know another good way to watch .m3u8 files?


    There's an app which does live streaming from your gopro using your smartphone only

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. you can include more two tips:

    default password of Gopro Wifi is 'goprohero'

    In VLC you can set video output to OPENGL to better performance. With it in OpenBroadcaster you can select Application Stream instead Windows, this will result in a full FPS experience broadcast.

    could you theoretically use an Ethernet to wifi adapter and achieve the same results? How about connecting an iPhone hotspot via usb cable ? I ask because I want to try to stream from location with no Ethernet access.

    Also does this stream audio as well ? ( I assume it does just checking )

    2 replies

    MASSIVE DELAY on response but:

    anywhere you have bad signal youre not going to get good upload. going through a teather or hotspot wont be good, but if you have ethernet plugged into your laptop then are wirelessly connected to the gopro, in theory it should work. but might not be good quality.

    I diddent figure the connection would be all that great, thanks for the help !

    I tried this with my Hero 3+ Silver on my MacPro with the latest VLC. The camera seemed to flash briefly through each stream and then everything stopped and I could not see the video stream. Can't figure out what's wrong. Any ideas?

    1 reply

    I only have the Hero 3 Black, not 3+ so i have no idea, do your best to look online to find some steaming info -

    It totally worked! Thanks for the instructions. The delay is so WEIRD but it's really cool. AWESOME!

    I can't seem to get this to work! :(

    I've followed all of the steps, all goes well, until I click Start Streaming. Because I'm connected to my GoPro's WiFi, I don't actually have an internet connection on my laptop to do the live stream. I'd have to just Start Recording and upload the video later.

    Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?