Streaming the Xbox 360 to Twitch Using an Older VGA/DVI PC Monitor With Seperate Sound (Monitor Without Speakers)




Introduction: Streaming the Xbox 360 to Twitch Using an Older VGA/DVI PC Monitor With Seperate Sound (Monitor Without Speakers)

I wanted to be able to stream games to Twitch TV from my Xbox 360 from the comfort of my own bedroom rather than the living room.Since i don't have a TV in my bedroom i had to connect the Xbox to my PC Monitor. The PC Monitor that i have does not have built in speakers and accepts only VGA and DVI unlike the newer HDMI Monitors.

If this was a newer Monitor which accepted HDMI all you would have to do is Plug the HDMI cable from the Xbox directly to the input on your game capture device and then the pass through out put from the game capture device directly to the monitor.However this is not the case for me.

For this Project i will be using the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Game capture but you can also use any capture device of your choice which has an HDMI output.Personally I found the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 to be the better Capture device of the available ones.

If you found this useful or confusing please leave a comment as feedback. Thank You.

Step 1: General Overview

Video Output :

The Capture device has an HDMI Output and the PC Monitor has a VGA and  DVI Input.
In order to get the image to your Monitor you will Need either an HDMI to VGA Adapter or an HDMI to DVI Adapter depending on which port you decide to use.This will only out put Video to your screen.

Audio Output :
To have the Audio Output you will need to use the supplied Component or AV cables for the Xbox 360.For this Project i will be using an Xbox to VGA Cable as it has the Xbox input and the White and Red Audio Output which is what we need.You can use any Xbox 360 cable that has Xbox Input and White and Red Audio Output.

Step 2: Required Parts

Video :
PC Monitor which has a VGA and or  DVI Input.
1 HDMI to VGA or 1 HDMI to DVI adapter.
2 HDMI cables (Game Capture Device Input and Output)

Audio :
Any Xbox 360 cable that as Xbox Input and White and Red Audio Output.
3.5mm Stereo Female to 2 RCA Female

Step 3: Taking Apart the Xbox Cable

Use a Knife or a small Flathead Screwdriver to pry open the housing of the Xbox cable.
The reason behind this is so we can Fit both the Xbox Cable (Audio) and the HDMI (Video) at the same time.If you try to plug in both the HDMI Cable and the Xbox cable at once neither will fit.You can only fit one at a time.After detaching the housing from the cable i proceeded to tape the cable to protect it.

Step 4: Final Attachments

Video :

After you have taken apart the Housing from the Xbox cable all you need to do is plug in the Xbox Cable along with the HDMI Cable in the back of your Xbox 360.Take the HDMI Cable from the Xbox 360 and Plug it into the Input Port on the capture device.Use a Secondary HDMI cable to plug into the Output Port on the capture device and proceed to attach either the  HDMI to VGA or the HDMI to DVI adapter.All that is left is to plug the adapter into your monitor.

Audio :
Next take the 3.5mm Stereo Female to 2 RCA Female and plug according to the Xbox Component/AV Cables.This will go to you Headphones or Speaker Set.

The audio will pass through both the HDMI and the 3.5mm Stereo to your headphones or speakers.
You should now be able to stream your game with audio while having a separate external way of listening to in game audio.

Step 5: Setup

As you can see in the images i have my Xbox 360,My Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Capture Device and my PC all Turned on.

Special Case Situation : One Monitor

Because i only have one Monitor,i first have to turn on the console and start the streaming or recording of the games through the software.Once i see that it is indeed broadcasting/recording and can see the preview i then change the source on my monitor and proceed to play the game.Once i am done playing i change the source back to the PC.



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